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Introducing Very Mary Flex-Paks!

Flex-Paks are a great way for busy adults to commit to piano lessons! With a 24-hour rescheduling policy, there is no danger of forfeiting a lesson (and the money paid for it!) when unavoidable scheduling conflicts occur. Great for on-the-go adults who can't commit to weekly lessons, but still want to learn AND take advantage of package rates! 

And with the   Summer Flex-Pak, you won't lose that day at the beach you've been waiting  for the weather to accommodate on account of a scheduled piano lesson! With one same-day cancellation (9:00 AM) per Pak on top of 24-hr rescheduling, you can play piano - or  beach games - any day! And it's the only Flex-Pak available to both adults and children!

Book lessons when convenient and in 30, 45, 60, 75 or 90-minute sessions

until your block is used up and it's time to purchase another!

     4 hrs: $192.00 *  |   6 hrs: $282.00 *

For university students, check out the University Flex Pak!

* Available for purchase until Aug 1, 2021

* Only online or in-studio lessons for Summer Flex Pak

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