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Game Night!

Who doesn’t like a good game? Excitement, action, suspense, cheering at the top of one’s lungs, laughter. Whether spectating or participating, a good game can be an endorphin-filled mini-vacay and stress reliever!

That’s why in my piano teaching practice, the highlight of the month is Game Night! No, we’re not huddled around the TV watching hockey, football or soccer.

But we might be huddled around a kitchen table plotting how to get our cards back from other players. Or screaming in the victory-vying melee as a game draws to a close. Or bubbling with laughter at funny comments that spring up in the heat of battle!

So what are we playing? Music games, of course! Music memory, bingo, board games, card games, rhythm games, listening games and more! These activities help reinforce note and music symbol identification, rhythm, theory concepts, and musicianship in a fun and exciting manner. Plus it develops camaraderie between participants.

So how does game night work? On the last lesson of every month, I reduce the lesson time of each student in the household by a few minutes so that we have an extra 15 minutes at the end of the lessons. We select one or two games to play, and older students help the younger ones, if need be. I also play along with the students and help younger or less experienced students play. Most of the games can be played with as little as two participants, so game night is possible with even just one student in a household.

Additionally, on game night I also bring fun work sheets for students to do while waiting for their lesson or for a sibling to finish their lesson. These activities are also a hit and often have students pouring over the selection of colourful worksheets and trying to pick one!

Entertaining the idea of Game Night in your home? Register your child for weekly lessons and we can make Game Night a regular event!

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