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Bridging the social-distance-gap: with online lessons!

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

With malls, schools, and many non-essential businesses temporarily closed, social gatherings severely limited, and once-frequently-enjoyed visits with friends and family direly discouraged in order to mitigate the COVID-19 crisis, it’s more important than ever to stay connected as much as possible through other means. Phone calls, texts, social media, video calls, online meetings and live streaming have become lifelines to others!

And with school now out (or rather, in-home) for the rest of the academic year, parents are scrambling to reorganize their lives while trying to figure out how to keep as normal a routine as possible for themselves and their families. And keep their children occupied, stimulated and on track with their education.

Including music education.

The good news? Your children’s piano lessons don’t need to stop on account of social distancing – online lessons can proficiently bridge the gap and help inject a sense of normalcy and stability into your household routine. Plus it’s a social activity through live student/teacher interaction. Moreover, playing an instrument can be a mini-vacation from the world and an engaging vehicle for developing self-expression, self-discipline and the perseverance required to achieve goals.

With a variety of platforms to choose from such as Skype, Zoom, WebEx, Google Duo etc, and versatile functionality such as screen-sharing, document sharing and annotation, learning piano online is not only doable, it’s effective, flexible and has some surprising perks - aside from saving time and gas money or teacher travel fees for in-home lessons!

Of course, it all begins with setup … technical setup, that is! More good news: it’s much simpler than you think and doesn’t require all kinds of fancy equipment. You can get started right now with most laptops, desktops, tablets or cell phones and an Internet connection. And a teacher, of course! Contact me today for more information about online lessons and a free consultation!

And stay tuned as I go through the basics of setup in coming days!

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